Gospel Library Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Downloading LDS.org Videos Through the Gospel Library for Android App

This tutorial explains how to download videos through the Gospel Library for Android app. The videos in the demo are from the new Youth curriculum, Come, ...

Gospel Library for Android: Getting Started

This tutorial describes how to get started with Gospel Library for Android. For more help information about the app, see https://ue.ldschurch.org/mobile/gla.

iPad App Review - LDS Gospel Library

A review of the LDS Gospel Library App for iPad produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How to use the LDS Gospel Library Application

How to use the features and tools of the LDS Gospel Library Application for Android. Table of Contents: 00:11 - Note 02:21 - Tag 04:12 - Link 06:06 - Highlight ...

Gospel Library 1-Introduction and Settings

This video introduces the Gospel Library app for Android and covers all the settings so that your library is set up in the best way for you, including connecting to ...

Gospel Library 2-Content, Downloading, and Navigating

This video covers what content is available in the library, how to download that content so you can view it offline (including video and audio), how to keep it up to ...

Gospel Library 11-Notebooks

In video 11 I'll demonstrate what a notebook is; how to create, edit, orgainize, and delete notebooks; and how to add things to and remove things from a ...

Gospel Library for Android: Annotating Content

This tutorial provides info on using Gospel Library for Android. For more help, see https://ue.ldschurch.org/mobile/gla.

LDS Gospel Library App

Elisa Scharton, Jay McFarland, and Veronica Johnson discuss how to use the LDS Gospel Library App. Listen to the full audio episode: http://bit.ly/J6g5tW.

The Best LDS Android Apps

The Gospel Library is obviously the best, but there are other great ones that church created that are often overlooked.

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